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British Berkefeld Doulton Ultra Fluoride Ceramic Drinking Water Filter Cartridge for All Gravity Water Filter Systems

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Customer Reviews

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pam soerens
Works perfectly

This is the first time we’ve used the British Berkefeld and they drain so much faster and completely than the Berkey carbon filters we were previously using.


These filters will fit any generic brand of Berkeley water filters I have a brand that was supposed to be like the Berkeley's they got sued out of business cuz they were doing things inappropriate with the companies permission to use they're knock off however gravity drip still receives the Berkeley water filters and works fine so if you don't have a Berkeley water filter container most likely these ceramic filters will still work with your gravity fed water filter unit I suggest that you order the filters first and see if they'll fit your current system and if they do you're in business you don't need a specific basin water just has a felt the receptacles are usually universal